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Website content audit and new information architecture



Drinkaware, an independent UK charity which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking.



The website had a large volume of content which needed auditing and organising within a different structure on the new website. Users had found it difficult to find the information they wanted and the page layouts were confusing, with the key information often buried at the bottom of the page.



All the site content needed to be reviewed, and either improved, removed or replaced.  A new IA structure was created to reflect the information that users found most helpful. This was based on user research (qualitative and quantitative provided by the data team) and my own research based on Google Analytics results.

My role: I designed and worked through the content audit, updating copy and getting sign-off from the medical advisors. I designed the new content page layout and created new headings and natural language phrases for SEO.



The follow-up user research had great results and showed that the new site layout and structure was much easier to navigate and users found the information they were looking for much more easily.


The new page layouts and updated content, which focused on natural language for SEO, significantly increased the search ranking of key pages.

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