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Creating new copy for a desktop account creation and login screen



Tictrac, a global health and wellbeing platform for employers and insurers.



The original desktop login screen for the platform was uninspiring and uninviting. It hadn’t been updated for years and was out of step with the new platform design. The brief was to create a new login screen that would increase the number of users creating accounts for the first time. 


My role: I created the copy for the login screen, working alongside a visual designer to ensure the copy fitted with the requirements of the design vision. 



I chose to highlight the key features of the platform to encourage users to create an account. The copy helps users imagine what it will be like when they are through the account creation stage and have access to the app.



After the launch of the new design, we saw an increase in accounts created on the desktop platform. This suggests the new design improved the user experience and was successful in its aim.



The brand language didn’t allow for definitives like ‘healthy’, instead using terms like ‘healthier’ to imply a journey. While that language worked well in longer copy, it often posed constraints when writing UX copy as ‘Get healthy’ would have been a natural call to action to sit at the top of the page. One further tweak I would now make is to reduce the button text even further to ‘create account’ as this is the most common phrasing used for account creation buttons. 

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